Our life roads with Nellya Gopina (Lychshkova) crossed in Bryansk in 90-s, when her and me had worked at the same plant of the semiconductor devices: she – in the technological department, me – in the department of information. My task was to supply with the most update contemporary information to such engineers like Nellya. I’ll never forget my first impression from Nellya’s outlook: fresh peachy complexion and inquisitive eyes, straight looking at you.

“Nellya, how is life treating you”, I asked her then.

“Not badly.” she answered. “I ‘m married to Alexander Lycheshkov, have a daughter and two grandchildren. Life goes its way.” Nellya added.

I shared my story in short.

Since that time we met each other often at the plant.

In those days at the dawn of development of the digital information the information was gotten from, mainly, British, American, French, German scientific researchful magazines and Japanese patents.

I noticed how Nellya at her workshop had worked hard and thoroughly under microscope with big resolution to sort out good and bad microchips. Her eyes were strained on the daily basis. She always wore glasses. But after 50-years work experience at this plant, constantly straining her vision, it’s not surprising that she completely lost her vision. And her husband,” Shurik” as she called him with love, is her loyal guide. What a wonderful couple Nellya-Sasha is wich is together more that half a century!

There’s a collage dedicated to Nellya. Above musical greeting from us to you, Nellya.

How time has changed! How we have changed!

“O Tempore! O Mores!” would say the Romans.

We’re talking here not about morals but about the technology. Integral technology.

Can anybody imagine the modern life without a computer, the telephone with Internet, wi-fi connection, fibro-optic cable layout to the house and high speed Internet.

Digital cameras are installed into the telephones and work with high resolution. News are commuted every minute and spread around the world in seconds.

Our life style has changed drastically.

Nellya, for instance, was all her life an avid reader, now she is listening to the radio-books. Last time while speaking by Skype, we discussed with her the reading news passionately.

“Look at my gray white hair! Do you see, Valyusha, how I have changed?!”said she in embarassement.

“I see”, answered I.”So what? Some people like to dye their hair, some prefer to keep it natural, like you. By the way, it fits you perfect.” said I without fibbing.

On the 22-nd of 2019 Nellya celebrated her 80-th jubilee. We would like to congratulate her on this big event, wishing her happiness, love, and beauty, as fresh peachy complexion so suits her, such an interesting lady in all respects.

Below the poem specially for her: 

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