Not once was written in the blog about our first teacher Nina Nikolaevna Ledneva: how we got together with her, after her death how we installed the monument  to her with the inscription: “From Your First Schoolgirls”.

Today’s talk is about my adult impression about her as a personality. She is a teacher of the fourth generation. It sounds great and means only one thing that her mother, grandmother and great grandmother were teachers. Pedagogy was in blood and by inheritence. It’s difficult to imagine. And second of all. She was married to the Hero of the Russian Federation, pilot Boris Lednev.

Do you remember the first hi-jacking of the plane led by Lednev and how bravely and skillfully he helped to catch the bandits?!

Every time when we met each other at Nina Nikolaevna’s apartment, we never saw him. He was often very busy.We felt that he was strict by character, but respectful to his wife and her life style. We were in her surroundings and that’s why were respected too.

This is the photo collage with our class and teachers.

One day my classmate Zoya Lapitskaya has sent to me an old photo of her great godmother Irina. Godmother by the Russian tradition is the second mother to the kid while baptising. The photo is dating of 1905 and maybe will help us to grasp the old days’ life. On the back of the photo is written:” c. Mglin To the long and kind memory from your godmother Irina. November 20, 1905 The seal of Zisking Bryansk and Bezhitsa Photo Studio certified by Noble Emperor’s Highness Great Prince Sergey Alexandrovich

Negatives are kept safely.”

In those times Russia was laid behind all the high-developed Weat-European countries, America and Japan by the level of literacy. So, the profession of a teacher was very honourable in the Russian cities and villages. There was a law about free elementary education but not obligatory. Debates took place in higher circles.

But in our circles, ordinary working people of the city of Bryansk, where our parents were engaged in workforce to make up living to feed their families, the school was then as a second family, and class leader Nina Nikolaevna as if our second mother.

With huge gratitude we are bending our heads low to all teachers and Nina Nikolaevna who helped us understand the sense of life, get education and become true good people, always ready to come help to the other people. This is the main core of a human beings’ character – always be ready to the mutual help. Hurry up to create the good for people. The clock is ticking. Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok. Time is moving on.

Hurry up, my dear friend.Life is too short, believe me.

Memories are like the sunset, the glories of passed time fading in the night sky, the stars are ever so distant as our memories remain with us.

From the generation to generation the profession is passed on, as well as the life skills.

I’m glad, that many of my classmates had chosen the profession of a teacher.

I’m glad that my classmates live a very good life style, exercise new modern ideas and trends together with the country and world.

That means that our teachters’ business keeps on living in us and in our childeren and grandchildren.

Below is the music for soul.

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