“Magic Power of Memories” by Valentina Filina-Pattison Chapter 9 VALYA ( to be continued)

Chapter 9 VALYA       

Valya Popkova did not come to our first meeting at the Museum where Klava worked. She showed up the next day, the 8-th of July, 2007, at the cemetery where we made arrangements to meet each other.

I’m watching Valya approaching me, stopped and got a pair of nice high-heels shoes out of her purse and put on them.The other ones went straight to her bag.

“Why are you changing your shoes?” I asked in astonishment.

“Well, I did come to meet you.” Valya exlained to me.

“Ah-a”, I held out, trying to hide my surprise.

In this episode all the character of Valya Popkova (Ivashutina) is seen: her respect for people, her impeccable taste in clothes, in mannerism.

And the second episode is coming to memories.: we got together at Nina Nikolaevna Ledneva’s apartment (our first teacher) many times. This time, Valya Popkova began our tea-drinking party with a poem? which she, as usual, she recited by memory with inspiration and thinking logic..

Even, at that time, I was surprised with her immaculate memory and taste of choosing the verses.

The impression was building up that all her whole essense is woven into poetry, romanticism and high style.

Communicating with her by Skype, Valya is always enquiring about what I am reading now and sharing her thoughts about what she herself has read lately. Although our literary interests do not coincide very often, it’s very beneficial to communicate with her

Her jubilee, on the 22-nd of September, 2020, is nearing.She’ll be 80. Nobody can believe that it’s her digit.She possesses so much energy, common sense and beauty.

So, it’s a coincidence that her native city of Bryansk is celebrating at these days its date of the liberation from the Nazi regime. So, below, there’s a song about Bryansk composed by one of the local poetess and composer, and above, the songs of Alexander Rosenbaum, the world famous bard. This a special gift for you< Valya.

The photos are showing her in the circle of her classmates and friends.

For our part, we  we would like to wish Valentina Ivanovna Popkova (Ivashutina) 

happiness, health, excellent well-being in the family, Happiness to her beloved granddaughter Masha, her husband Vladimir and all those who are in her aora.Valentina Ivanovna worked all her life as a teacher at the Bryansk Building College (BBC), then she graduated from Bryansk Building Institute, became a merited teacher of the Russian Federation. Later she created a wonderful museum exposition “It’s My and Your Generation” at the Museum of BBC.

She was a proud tour guide around the Museum: her beautiful text, her voice diction, demeanor, how she was tastefully dressed up – all in her, made an indelible impression on people present.

Gladly, once among presentees was our classmate Emma Mahova. Pity that we don’t have video from that remarkable presentation.

From the bottom of our hearts, again and again, we congratulate Valya on her jubilee, wishing her that her unique poetic fountain of creative talented soul never stop working, never dry out, but, opposite, beat higher and higher.

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