Marriot2013Our suite at Marriot was the same as at the Blue Tree Resort, 2-bedroom with the spacey living-room, dining area, kitchen and patio facing this time a lake where one can fish but not swim. Around the Marriot1lake there was a golf course and a famous millionaire’s Trump Hotel.

For the sake of curiosity we made an excursion to the Trump. In the Trump ballroom the international martial arts competitions take place. We met a couple from Montreal, Canada, whose son was a participant of this event, so they came here to visit with their hero.

The Trump seemed underused maybe because of the hotel’s high prices. Everywhere the construction site ran and showed potential for the future but not now.

Our place which was across the road looked lovelier, well used and well kept. The swimming pool was always full, the music sounded from there, somebody sang, someone danced, party was in full swing. We headed there to enjoy live concert.

Janko meanwhile was relaxing in his own way: went shopping, tried on Gleb’s new runners which he bought standing in long line once from 5 a.m. till 8 a.m. What a real sacrifice for the love for new vogue and comfort!

Gleb made new acquaintance with the bunch of American young people who engaged him in table tennis and other kinds of sports, including Gym.

All together we enjoyed evening music concerts on the grounds and the beautiful Miami weather.

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