In America to drive a car seems to be easy because of good road conditions and climate is not bad.Miami 2013

But in reality, as everywhere else there are good, bad, careless and thorough drivers. Our experience came up dealing with taxes, which are clean, cars are in good shape, they do drive carefully. They are usually on time.

But nevertheless we refused the idea of rental a car for ourselves because of the simple reason: in Orlando, downtown, when Larisa and Gleb traveled there, it happened to be a flood, exactly the same as lately it was in Calgary, due to heavy rainfall. Mom and son were caught in the middle of the downpour of rain: the small nearby cars were floating as boats in the river. Dissappointed drivers did not know what to do, even if they were all locals.

Can you imagine if you are a new visitor and stuck in that situation? You rented a car in hope of brilliant dreams of safe and solid ground driving, and all of a sudden you appeared to be in a car which forced to swim.

Without knowing local rules of driving, traffic situations and ethnic culture, it is impossible to trust the car rental.

That’s why we stick to taxi drivers who became our best friends since now on.

As for example, Dan.

Many times Dan drove us to the malls, different sightseeing places, so we became familiar with him. Lebanese by origin, a family man, father of 5 children, Dan was a dissent person, sociable and honest. We decided to make a deal and use his services to go to Miami. It was convenient and practical to travel from one hotel’s door to the other hotel’s door.

Above is our group picture with him upon arriving to Miami, Marriot Villas Resort at Doral.

We had with him a safe, enjoyable 3,5 hours’ trip from Orlando to Miami, and passed the time with pleasant conversations between us. We thank Dan for his courteous  and good service.

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