Калесниковы и мыOn one wonderful spring day of mid-March we met with the Kalesnikoffs-husband and wife, Alexander and Larisa.  The Russian lady with the Canadian who was known to be fond of the Russian culture since his Doukhobor childhood when he was born in the province of Saskatchewan long ago, and now he is of  the third generation.

On the 25th of February this year there was the Radio program Calgary-Toronto with Igor Tutchinsky dedicated to Russian tradition. For those who are interested here is the link:


The couple of the Kalesnikoffs not only talked, they even sang together, united in one common spiritual mood. This is another link:  The Kalesnikoffs’re Singing

To-night they are sitting in our Mucha salon around the samovar table, helping themselves with the stuffed fresh peppers and drinking coffee. The photo is here in the post.

We are conversing in a quiet, very respectful manner.

Janko (1): How is life treating you, Larisa, here, in Canada?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Valentina

Larisa (2): Pretty good, pretty good. People are friendly, welcoming everywhere we travelled with Sasha: all around British Columbia, Castlegar, Vancouver and many other places.

Val (3): And you, Alexander, how do you feel nowadays, what’s new among the Doukhobors?

Alexander (4): There are many events to be held in Castlegar, the Russian Museum, caffe is opened. The Festivals attract, as usual, big crowds of people. But in general the old people of the Doukhobors are dying out and not many young people are interested in these traditions, unfortunately.

Having known about my coming birthday, they’ve sent me a card with the following words:

“We wish your eyes be sparkling,

With love, tenderness and passion,

To soul of yours we wish to sing,

Songs in unison with the happiness.

We wish you to get along with inner self,

To smile together with your friends,

To give-and-take the love, itself,

And become eager from the tiniest spark,

By fire of hopes and the daring dreams,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          larisa&Gleb's Boucket 2014, March 17

We wish you to be saved by the destiny,

And as plenty of brightest candles,

Let Her help Your dreams come true.”

Look at this B-day Card to the right.

Thanks a lot to all our friends, loved ones who have sent me the warmest wishes and congratulations on my Birthday.

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