Goden bouquets of flowers 2014 (2)From the day 1 up to the closing day in Sochi were used nearly 4500 Olympic ceremony bouquets. I thought that they usually incorporate meaning and significance by choosing flowers according to some tradition and culture of the host country. Russia as all the nations is one of the largest importers of cut flowers. Domestically produced flowers only make up 2-3% of their flower sales with nearly all of the annual 1 billion worth of flowers coming in from Columbia, Ecuador, and Kenya. The Sochi award bouquets incorporated the language of color to enhance the meaning along with certain varieties tailored to Russian symbols and environments.

There is today, a rose crop being grown in Leningrad region, but unfortuanately not enough for 1000’s of bouquets. How wonderful that would have been.

The purple statice represented the colours of the resort city of Sochi and, perhaps, the light blue ribbons represented the crisp Russian sky.

The yellow Solidago ( a cultivated goldenrod type ) stood for both the goldenrod’s healing properties and the wealth of the Krasnodar region.

The green and white button chrysanthemums represented the contrast of the valleys, meadows, and mountains along the long Black Sea coast.

Sochi flowers 2014The laurel signified the warmth and hospitality of the Caucasus peoples and, of course, the symbol of winners. The eucalyptus was the surprise as they included for the historical reference to its planting in Sochi to drain the wetlands. The bouquet was rounded out with Salal or “lemon”  leaf.

Obviously, much thought went into the reasons behind each flower used but sadly or not, all the flowers were imported from South America.sochi 2014 Canada team

Since the distance factor effects the longevity the same as the imports in other countries, hardiness, I guess, was another factor in the choices. All of the flowers are known resilient grown with various chemicals to survive long periods without water, temperature gaps, and all the jostling they endure on the long journey.

“Personally, I think that President Putin did a wonderful job and put an enormous amount of thought into the Olympic celebration right down to the smallest detail of the Olympic award bouquets.

Russia has one of the most vast and beautiful landscapes with many unique cultures. The history of the country is fascinating and the architecture is unique of its own.”, writes one of the authors on Internet. “It is obvious that he authorized millions of dollars and engaged years of creative thinking on showing the world these assets while, keeping everything in absolutely good taste.”

One cannot disagree with the opinion of our fellow-journalist or whatever he or she can be by profession.

The Paralympic Sochi Winter Games are on their way. They will be held in March 7-16.

We wish all the Olympians in the upcoming sports events in Sochi good luck, lots of success and more and more unforgettible award ceremony bouquets of flowers.

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