Happy2010Year!To attune to a Christmas mood and put you on humorous line watch “Mr. Bean – Art Class”and “Mr.Bean- Christmas”videos.

Mr.Bean – Art Class

Mr.Bean- Christmas

A few sketches from loved ones who are now far away from me, in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

One December week end afternoon before Christmas.

Two friends, Max and Gleb, were visiting the movie theatre “Aurora” which is on Nevsky Prospect. “Avatar” is on to-day, the boys are thrilled with a new release of a film. Two Moms are spending some moments together just walking along the boulevard to kill the time. Out of the blue later Ellochka recollected to do some errands for home, Lara remained alone. The weather was romantic: it was snowing slightly, flurries were dancing in the light reflected from the street lanterns, quietness reigned at every corner of the usually very busy avenue. All of a sudden she noticed a bent figure in thick pants and a Fedora hat, he seemed cold and looked as if he were a homeless person but in his hand  holding a brush and painting something in oil. Lara approached him and started the conversation.

1. What is your name, sir?

2. BrushesI am Alexander Rusanov.

1. I think that you are an artist, aren’t you?

2. Yes, I am. My friends and I registered on website www.artrussian.com where one can read more about each of us.

1. I see that you are drawing on plain air, you are not doing copies from photos, pictures, images. I like your hand.

2.Yes, I prefer nature drawings. I live and create in the city and dedicate my works to the city scenery. St. Petersburg inspires me a lot.

1. Can I buy some pictures from you?

2.  Sure. Gladly I will sell them to you.

1.  May I buy this one which you are painting right now?

2.  But I have not finished it yet.

1.  When shall I come by?

2. In one hour.

1. Oh, the paints are fresh, not dried yet. But I will pack it thoroughly and try to bring it home with care. Thanks a lot.

2. Oh, thank you for appreciation of my work.  Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Alexander from St. Petersburg and Alexandra from Yakutiya, Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2010 Year! May luck and happiness attend you!

For you sings the other Alexander, Vertinsky.                                 Alexander Vertinsky

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