VitaliyYasovYou are invited today to our Hospice Chapel. We are sitting in a room lit up with candles and leafing through the album of memories  of Vitaliy Yasov’s family who passed away one year ago, on December 28, 2008.

According to the Russian Orthodox tradition the commemoration is held on the 8-th day, on the 40-th day and one year after a person’s death. This is why we get together in a small Chapel to share our memories about him and on that occasion we are listening to Antonio Vivaldi’s  beautiful music -Four Seasons (Winter) which Vitaliy Yasov used to love very much.Vivaldi-Winter

I am reciting my poem “When He left the World, the Beloved Father” dedicated to him and translated by me from the Russian version.  Here it is:

Lida's MomandDad

When he left the world, the beloved father,

The only soul so close and native to me,

Something moved away and farther,

Farther, farther…what can it be?

Memories of him pursued me quickly,

Everywhere deciding I will go,

Along the riverside or swiftly,

Jumping on skis, still I am mourning.

In the year of nineteen and twenty six,

My Dad was born and named Yasov Vitaliy,

In forty nine made his mind as Sphinx,

To marry my Mom Dobrokhotova Victoria.                                                                                                                                             Dadandcousin

Sphinx tied up them with a marriage,

By compassion, chemistry and love,

Which was to last for many ages,

Neither less, nor more than fifty one.

For half a century living together,

Underwent millions of ups and downs,

They were friends just not in fair weather,

But for life, the relationship that counts.

She failed the battle with her cancer,

Long ago, Vitaliy was left behind,

In grief, fighter by nature on the offensive,

He kept on going, always with her in mind.

On the certain day his own time had arrived,

To draw the curtain of a successful life,

As a Professor, an Academician survived,

To give him lively happiness and to thrive.

Rest peacefully, Vitaliy Georgievich,

Working hard as a true Christian,

Loyal to family as were Popovich,

Of ancient ages a Giant Russian.                                                                                                       Yasovinodessa

Your only child was a daughter Lida,

Carrying your Mom’s wondrous name,

Lidiya Alexandrovna Naidenova,

How sweet English sounds the same.

Vitaliy Georgievich, lie graciously in peace,

Your daughter Yasova Lidiya Vitaliyevna,

Continues to bear your name ‘til she deceased,

You’ve done with gifts by the Lord destined.

When he left the world, my beloved father,

On December 28, Two Thousand and Eight,

We solemnly swear always to remember, father,

Until us of the new generations will pass away.

Lida and her daughter Jenia,

A beautiful rhyme for Russian “wife”,

Victor, Jenia’s Dad and loyal Lida’s husband,

Jenia’s spouse Colin and their children Zoe and Sasha,

We remember you all our life, with adoration.

Paying a tribute to you, as an honest citizen,

The whole Ukraine and the Russian Federation,

Are saluting to you, Great Man, with adoration.

As a husband, father and Grandfather,

Great grandfather and a Hero of still,

Living compatriots, co-workers and friends,

I cannot forget you and never will.

Now listen to the wonderful song by Andrea Boccelli and Sarah Brightman “Time to Say Good-Bye” with English lyrics and a slide show of four seasons.                   Time to Say “Good-Bye” with English Lyrics

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