CHAPTER 2. Shchi and Kasha is Food of OURS
Shchi or (Borshch) is a favourite vegetable soup in many Russian households.

My electric helpers today: 1) OSTER FOOD Processor, 2)Morgles French Fry Cutter, Model Ep008
100 gram Ingredients: cabbage (white), cabbage (red), beets, carrots, cucumber, tomato, greenery, saute in butter.
Add to chicken broth made from fresh chicken.
Boil for 20-30 minutes
BORSHCH (Shchi) is ready! Help yourself and enjoy cooking music:

KASHA is a favourire food of Slovak people too.
Any cereal: buckweet, oats, selmolina, etc. are good for KASHA.
One glass of milk (preferably, almond), plus one glass of water and half a glass of cereal, boil it constantly stirring.
No salt, no sugar. After 5-10 minutes cool it, add some butter or honey, ready to serve. NICE and CHEAP.
We’re enjoying it every second day.

(to be continued)

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