In Roman Mythology there exist two Gods of Domestic household: LARES and PENATES.
Great Russian poet Osip Mandelstam (1891-1938) composed a poem dedicated to them in 1909 , this a translation of it into English by Omry Romen:
“There are cheste charms:
A lofty mode, deep serenity;
Far from the etheral lyres
Are the Lares I have set.
At the painstakingly washed niches,
In the hour of attentive sunsets,
I listen to my Penates’
always ecstatic stillness.
What a toylike domain,
What timid laws are proclaimed
by a lathed torso,
And the cold of these fragile bodies!
Some Gods one needn’t laud:
They are as equals to you!
And with a caution hand,
You are permitted
to rearrange them”.
Janko and cutlets
So, in my lares and penates the cutlets are in my today’s menu which are playing a special role: role of hospitality, full stomach and delights.
The favourite helpers are as usual:1) vegetable cutter, 2) mixer and 3) wok, a deep frying pan conus-shaped of oriental type.
Recipe of Cutlets a la Kiev : chicken filet beaten up in a plastic bag, leave them in the fridge. Meanwhile we’ll prepare cold butter mixed with chopped parsley or dill. These cubes we will wrap in chicken fillet and then to fix the shape of cutlets immerse one by one thoroughly into wheat flour, then egg liason, after – into bread crumbs.Hot vegetable oil in the wok is waiting for the clumsy cutlets with butter inside. 5-7 minutes fry them from each side until light brown. Cheap and nice, isn’t it?
CUTLETS a la pozharsky,in principle, are the same, only made from chicken minced meat with Ninja device, and added pork or beef ground meat and a piece of white bread soaked in almond milk. Onion and garlic by taste. Technology is the same. Help yourself and share cutlets with family members, friends or just with strangers.
Enjoy the beautiful Russian song, too:
(to be continued)

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