“MY CULINARY CREATIONS” (Cheap but Nice) by Valentina Filina-Pattison, 2021, CHAPTER 4

Very prominent Russian poet ALEXANDER IVANOVICH POLEZHAEV (1804-1838) who was persecuted by tzar Nickolas I for his poem “Sashka”. wrote in his creations :
“Oh you, beefsteaks and cutlets,
the bustle of the whole household,
What flattering greetings,
I have been thought out then!
What a lovely imagination
And a wonderful odor’
I saw thee in front of my eyes,
I gubbled them without cutting.
Without cucumbers and cress-salad,
However by verification at the end of the day,
Alas, I would eat a pickle,
But my soldier’s rucksack
did not have it inside!
So. the combination of beefsteaks and cutlets is great, and a recipe is simple (see the previous chapter), but not everybody has it in their household. I ask you to share, my dear friends, with other people. Especially, in these days of oncoming Christmas Day and a Happy New 2022 year. My photo is to the right and beautiful music below.

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