Who composes what? Some – poems, books, new music or even some discover new planets. As for me, I’ve composed a new recipe CHEESY MEASY “JANKO” salad for James (Janko) Holly’s 74-th Birthday on the December, 27-th. Photo of this salad will be here as well as photo of Janko with the Christmas dinner: turkey, salads “Olivier” and vinegret.
Here is the recepe:
Any hard cheese is grated by coarse grater and mixed with finely chopped dill, add a little squeezed garlic and thoroughly mixed together. Make little cheese balls of them and put them aside.
Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables in small amounts to saute in the deep frying pan or wok: 1 onion. 1 carrot, 1 potato, a little cabbage, 1 eggplant, 1 zuccini, celery/ fresh cucumber. After saute them in olive oil, mix it with white bread soaked in milk, add vegetta spices or some by your taste, add 2 raw eggs and mix the together with any minced meat.
Now prepare bread crums. Little cheese balls are wrapped in meat mixture and bread crumbs. Bake one hour with the little drop of tomato pasta of any kind on the top of each CHEESY MEASY. Oven time: 50-60 minutes.
Happy Birthday, Janko! Enjoy CHEESY MEASY “JANKO” and life itself!
By the way, In Internet there is the song “HYMN to SALAD “OLIVIER”!
Here it is:

The lyrics are translated from Russian into English Marinka 29.08.2017
“Hello, Julia! Hello, Kolya!
And to all the people of Goodwill!
The feasr awaits us –
Without it afterall, we cannot celebrate the New Year!
Our parade is going, and at once,
We can all sit down, friends!
Hey, Julia! We’re going to eat.
Hey, Kolya! I’m scared to listen!
Figure, my figure!
Oh, it doesn’t forgive me when I eat.
Hey, Julia! We all have a figure!
And even – a masculature!
But all the same – there is a miracle dish
The salad with a wonderful name OLIVIER!
Maybe it has a French name.
But it became primordially Russian.
It became more than an appetizer,
It’s a New Year’s symbol!
They make it overnight
More than a million tons!
Hey, Julia! It’s so delicious!
Hey, Kolya! I’m scared.
I’m scared! – I won’t hold out.
I’ll eat a spoon, or, maybe, even – two.
Hey, Julia! You eat, don’t worry!
It brings benefits to people…
Just leave some for Kolya
This salad with the wonderous name OLIVIER.
OLIVIER serves as an example
Of tolerance and friendship.
Since in it can coexist
So many different things.
In OLIVIER – one for all, afterall!
Anf further – all for one!
The peas are so wonderful,
Pickles and potatoes!
And eggs – even hard-boiled,
Fit perfectly in the friendly group!
The ham, like a bride!
In the embraces of mayonnaise:
Unity and perfection,
Salad with the wonderous name OLIVIER!
Ah, Julia! With this salad
we will honorably meet the Goat!
Ah, Kolya! Let the feast be decorated every evening in the family!
We will prepare it with feeling,
And people – they love it.
And many – look good with it,
The salad with the wonderous name OLIVIER.”
The lyrics are composed by Julia Savicheva. The recipe is clear from the text.
Happy Birthday, Janko, with CHEESY MEASY, the salad OLIVIER vinegret and many etceteras! The Russian family, all Slovak families, Canadian families join this warm and nice congratulations and we hope it will never be the last in your life…

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