O Canada! Happy 144-th Birthday to You! (Calgary Prince’s Island Park Celebrations)

Canada Day 027The City of Calgary is organizing 144-th Canada Day celebrations on July 1, 2011 at many venues. We are on Prince’s Island Park.

Listen to the song:“Tribue to Canada Day”

Our pictures are to the left and to the right – me dancing and with the free hugs guys.

Canada Day is Calgary’s largest single day festival with crowds ofCanada Day 056100,000 people and more. We are in the crowd of listeners of national, regional and local bands, roving performers, hands-on activities, games, crafts, food and great deal more. We enjoyed  the T. Buckley Band on Dominion Stage, Flyin’ Bob on the family Stage, Songwriters Summit with Steve Pineo, Tim Williams, Rubim de Toledo, Heather Blush and Raulito Tabera.

This is our photo expose: “O Canada! Happy 144-th Birthday to You!”

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A verse from my Poetry Book:

“This land is not for me a strange country,

Till I survive in the circle of my dear friends,

Visiting Calgary Lindsay Park enchanting,

Stampede Horse Races at the very ends…”

O Canada! Happy 144-th Birthday to You!


  1. Красивые фотографии и замечательный праздник!
    Я вижу по фото, что Вы провели тоже с пользой данное время собрали хорошй материал для репортажа.

  2. Рада услышать от тебя весточку, Павел. Как ты там поживаешь?
    Спасибо. Всем привет от меня родным и знакомым.

  3. Dear Boog! Big imagination, lots of reading, research work and hard work gives me an inspiration to write and create.
    P.S. There is no easy way.

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