Paris Airport, 2014Among huge bustling crowd of passengers heading in different destinations throughout the world, who happened to be at Paris Charle de Gaulle Airport, is sounding live beautiful Paris Airport (1) 2014music…and by passing the people.

We are like everybody else, and everybody else is like us, tightened in a series of transfers. Long, moving transporters are helping to accelerate people.

Via my way I noticed a cute scarlet piano, above it the musical scores were lined up. Meanwhile I thought to myself that again something  is advertising for charity cause.

We sat in comfortable chairs in waiting for our Vienna route.

And all of a sudden out of nowhere got sounded music, velvet and thoughtful as a modest girl’s sight, then changed into the fury sound as if loud noise of mountain waterfall. Music beckoned you, fascinated, nobody could be indifferent at this point.

I neared closer. That was a youth playing at that red forte-piano and what? …”Kreuzer Sonata” by Beethoven.

Sonata #9 for violin and forte-piano by Ludvig van Beethoven, dedicated to Rodolf Kreuzer? I could not believe it. But it was a reality.

Japanes and Israeli musiciansNearby there was resting the family of 17-years old young man from Israel with a biblical name Iliah. He played well. The crowd was collecting around the musical lad as if he became a center of the universe composed of various accords and tunes. Ah, this magic of music, where it starts, finish the words.

Bustle stopped as with a wave of magnificent wand, remained just pleasant feeling of immersing into nirvana.                                                                                                                       Musician's family (Paris Airport)

Then the other musician took place at the fairy piano, it was a Japanese doctor from Sapporo, playing his own melody,  somewhat very ancient seems to be from 19-th century.

“Why ancient?”, I caught myself at the strange thought. “Beethoven is also from the 19-th century, but we don’t consider his music “ancient”.

So that is the case. Beethoven is very modern. To him somebody dedicated his rhyme:

“Insane love of mine, Beethoven,

How can I run away from thee?

If you/re in me, soaring in skies so often,

Or falling to hell on string and underneath”.

Listen to:Beethoven-Kreuzer Sonata (1/3)

4 Thoughts on “Only in Paris This can Happen”

  • Валя! Чем дальше я с тобой общаюсь, тем больше восхищаюсь твоим удивительным восприятием окружающим тебя миром во всем его разнообразии и разносторонности! Этот эпизод в аэропорту тронул меня до глубины души именно благодаря твоему восприятию, и тому как ты передала свои ощущения в описательной и музыкальной части своей статьи. Огромное спасибо! Жду других статей – рассказов о вашем кругосветном путешествии. Целую Эмма

  • Эмма! Я очень рада, что ты читаешь мою”Бабульку”, для тебя и людей, подобных тебе, я и стараюсь писать. Прямо скажу, нелёгкое это дело. Но продолжаю я его уже шестой год.
    Спасибо за понимание.
    Обнимаю и целую

  • Дорогая т.Валя ! Хочу сказать и выразить Вам благодарность и восхищение за талант , в Ваших статьях и в хороших и даже познавательных рассказах видно как Вы вкладываете свою душу ,передаете свои эмоции,переживания,восторг,любовь к чему либо.Спасибо Вам за это!

  • Милая Елена, спасибо за чтение и внимание ко мне. Привет всей семье. Целую, обнимаю
    Тётя Валя

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