Otaru1Otaru is a city port in Shinbeshi, Hokkaido, Japan, northwest of Sapporo. The city faces the Ishikan Bay, and has long served as the main port of the bay.Otaru 2014

We walked around the area several times during our cruise stop on August 17, 2014. We were impressed with Otaru canal, both the historical sites as well as the range of restaurants, shops selling the local goods and many, many glass shops and music boxes.

Mountain Tengu is worth sightseeing with Tengunama ropeway or by bus. We thought about shall we go there or not. Hesitating a little and considering the weather conditions: it was overcast that day, the skies looked grey and unpleasant. We decided against it.

“By-by, Mt. Tengu, nice to meet you”, and instead we headed to the nearest sushi-bar to have of the world famous Masa Sushi, delicious food prepared in front of you.

On our way Janko had acquainted with one Japanese  couple who were very curious about our cruise ship, how it looked like inside, how many decks on the ship etc. etc. It seems to us that they never traveled on cruise ship and were very happy to hear good and sweet words about Japan. The photo of them is here.

Otaru3We never made to Sapporo either, although it was within the reach. But late in Paris we met the other pair of Japanese people from Sapporo who told us a few wonderful things about their native town who hosted once the Winter Olympic Games. I noticed her whitish pretty face and thought about the advantages of using the Japanese cosmetics which helps Japanese women look much younger than their male partners and much more attractive.

I made some research on this topic. Here it is:

“Japanese cosmetics are very popular among asian countries and many of the Japanese cosmetic brands are expanding their business to the U.S. and Europe. Number 1 by popularity and sales volume is Shiseido.

Created in 1872, Shiseido is the most popular Japanese hair care and cosmetics brand. It is the oldest cosmetic company in the world and the fourth largest.

Besides products under the Shiseido brand. Shiseido also has several other subsidary brands like Aupres, Serge Luttens, UNO, Cle de Peau, ff and aqualabel, Revital, d-program, UV White, IPSA, and Ayura”.

Now we know why the Japanese women are so stylish and pretty, the secret is clear.

Listen to: “Japanese Traditional Modern Music Song”, lead singer: Yuko Suzuhana, shamisen: Beni Ninagawa

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