This summer we travelled to the Rocky Mountains  to breath with the fresh mountain air and to take the radon baths. 

Hot weather conditions got milder by the evening time near the golf course. Adventures started when the animal began to show up just as as if on the parade, stooping up in front of the other with animal beauty and dignity, the mountain big horn rams.

When the sun is setting down, one can see the couple of deer, wandering about the resort town of Radium Hot Springs, which is situated in the neighbouring with Alberta, the province of British Columbia.

But it’s not the last thing to observe. Everywhere as far one’s eye can stretch, you can see a small strange creatures who live in the ground holes, the gophers. They are curious by nature, pop out of the holes and wandering about the town as though the bosses of the town…

As they are as well as the other animals here are protected by the Canadian National Park policies, they all feel free to walk around and look at the surrounding world, including us, human beings.

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