Couple of nice people from Mindoro, the 7th biggest island in the Philippines, Leonardo and Lolita Cordillon came to Calgary, Canada, these days and wish all their family in Canada, friends of Philippino community in Calgary the Happy 150th Anniversary of the foundation of Canada.

Their daughter Lisa and their son-in-law Gary together with their 2 y.0.son John Leonardo showed them around the picturesque sites of Canada, its Banff, Lake Lousie, Fairmount , different national parks. So, not long ago they returned from Spruce Grove Camping ground, belonging to the Fairmount Resort where we, ourselves, spent great deal of time vacationing. From beautiful British Columbia they headed straight home, and now we met them in Gary’s and Lisa’s place to celebrate the Father’s Day.

My(2) interview with Leonardo (3) and Lolita (1) started with the traditional question:

“What are your impressions about Canada?”

1:Nice landscapes, mighty rocky mountains, town Invermere, Radium Hot Springs and all the way through Banff area.

2: Leonardo, and what can you say about your own impressions about Canada? Do you like here?

3: Of course, I do. It’s different from Mindoro.

2: What is the difference?

1: It’s cold here. Back home, it’s hot and humid, one hour drive from the ocean beach.

2: Do you often go to the beach? Do you drive or walk?

1: Leonardo does driving.

3: Yes, it’s so warm and nice on our island.

2: Do you miss your home?

3: Sure, we do.We left our rice farm for our son, with whom we communicate by Skype on daily basis.

1: Thanks to the newer technology of our computer age. We don’t feel that we are torn away from home. Our son is taking care of the household.

2: Your daughter Lisa is happily married to Gary, a Canadian guy, and herself became a Canadian citizen. What do you think about that?

1 and 3: We are very glad that our daughter lives in Canada and very happy with Gary, having son John Leonardo. Happy 150th Anniversary, Canada!

2: Thanks, Lolita and Leonardo, God bless you for your kind wishes to all.

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