Lyudmila and Jozef Klacz were invited to the Playas del Coco villa in Costa Rica by the friends to spend some time before the start of the wet season when it rains all the days long.

I interviewed this couple.


Valentina (1(: What was the weather like in Costa Rica at this time of the year?

Lyudmila (2): Hot and humid. The temperature of the air: +35-40 º C.

Jozef (3): Typical of the countries located at the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

1:What is the temperature of the water in the ocean while swimming? Was it pleasant?

2:The human body’s temperature. Yes, it was pleasant to be in the water and on the



3:It was the black beach because of the proximity to the volcanoes. There are six acting volcanoes and they look scary. We even tried to approach one of them: the Arenal Volcano.

1:That volcano powder composed your beach where you were in, didn’t it?


1:I remember the Teneriff beaches which belong to the Canaries Islands (Spain) were


also of volcanic origin but the proprietors brought white sand onto the land, so they looked like white beaches as everywhere else, for example, on Hawaiian etc. Did you swim in the Ocean?

3:Yes, we did. We had great time swimming, sunbathing, walking in the rain forest, watching flora and fauna of the local territory.

1:What was your, Lyudmila, the biggest impression of the vacation?


2:Exotic vegetation: banana, mango trees, elephant-ear trees called in Costa Rica “guanacaste caro caro”. Those trees had so large proportions and spherical crown that animals, people were hiding in their shadow from the sun. These trees grow up only in a tropical savanna climate.

1:Did these trees grow near your villa?

3:No, we saw them when we traveled to Liberia, the largest city of the Guanacacte province, Costa Rica.

1:What else was interesting in Liberia?

2:The International Airport, the second airport in the country called “the Gate of Costa Rica”, because it is close to the most beautiful beaches such as Tamarindo, Hosaro,


Playas del Coco, Santa Teresa.

3:I read a lot about Costa Rica before travel here and now I saw it to myself.

1:What is your best impression of Costa Rica vacation, Jozef?

3:Beautiful waterfall where at the parking lot I saw a huge iguana for the first time in my life. It looked not scary and I took a few pictures of this unusual animal. And the Sky Adventure Monteverde by Sky Tram and then we went to the park road that curled


along the largest lake of Costa Rica “Arenal”. On the viewing platform I watched the picturesque panoramic view of the volcano, sleeping on that sunny day, but scary upon imagining that it can erupt on any unexpected moment.

On the way back from the top to the ground everybody was given a map of walking down and had to do it individually along the narrow, slippery and waiving path among the exotic birds, monkeys, bushes, trees, flowers and creepers sometimes of 50 meters height. Two suspension bridges of 416 and 470 feet height were also an adventure to cross. All in all it took us two hours to reach the ground floor.

1:What can you say about your vacation in Costa Rica in one word?

2 and 3: Amazing!

(Photos of the courtesy of the Klacz family)

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