“Well, my Friend, the feast

of the two Sevens is over?!

With satisfaction, to say the least,

We all after went home.

What nice songs we sang,

Bringing peace and joy to soul,

Sitting at the table, laid,

By You and for your B-day, special.

I recollect them on daily basis,

Singing to myself in my reveries:

The beauty of our get-togethers,

Tenderness and kindness of your inspiring eyes.

The two eights are looming

In front of us, and God bless us!

To live up to those milestones blooming,

Sitting again, looking into each other’s eyes.

In life there’re many exclusions,

Who knows?! Maybe, we’ll be lucky,

This “beacon” enables our life excursions,

The reason in our heads’ll never be tacky.

There’s the task now,

Which we need to resolve

And streaming to, oh wow!

The two eights to conquer and engulf.” 

(composed by Emma’s friend ,translated by VFP)


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