“Twice Twelve is Twenty Four. Magic Power of Digits!” a new book by Valentina Filina-Pattison, 2021

The Fear has got Maria’s eyes. The fear for herself to survive, for kids, for husband: where is he now, who knows? That who has seen the death by her own eyes, that will never forget her. It’s only in the poetry like Gorky’s “The Girl and the Death” or movies, everything is being embelished. But real life? It’s something different.
MARIA quit the refugees’ column, ’cause time arrived to deliver a child urgently. She turned out to be in one village house. Pain was so incredible that she hardly remembered what was happening around her. Only such a joyful glimpse of memor: big relief and a tiny baby-boy was shown to her. The women nwashed him carefully, wrapped him in rags, talked very excitedly.
She did not have time for a rest. Huury up, MARIA. “We shall organize a childcare home for you and other kids. You’ll be in charge for everything. Be strong and helpful!”
They paid with what they have had, mainly food products as everybody in the village has a vegetable garden and maybe a domestic animal.
So, in MARIA’s Childcare Home a goat appeared to be. Goat milk is good for kids, maybe not so nutritient as cow’s but nevertheless.
Maria’s son Gennadiy could not walk for a long time because of rickets.
Watch a post-war Russian animated movie about Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena:

Once the Germans appeared to invade the village. A GERMAN poked with his pistol at Maria’s son whom she held in her hands crying as usual. “I’ll pook him! Pook!’ he said to the frighted to death MARIA. She was surrounded by her childcare kids, tightly pressed to her. She started waving a little bit, swayingto one side then to the other, poor tiny Gena fell asleep. The German laughed at her face. The kid stopped crying. “The Pook!” did not happen luckily. But Fear, terrible Fear grew in Maria’s heart bigger and bigger.The war still continued at the Russian front and to defeat the Nazis was not easy work.
This is another documentary about that ugly war.


  1. Loved your book, loved your story and the music is touching the soul.
    Thank you, continue doing what you are good in.
    Cheers, Anna Borosh

  2. Thank you, Anna. Follow your advice. Happy Canada Day to you and your family. And today I published Chapter 4 of my new book and invite to read if you have spare time.
    Bye, bye, Anna the reader

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