Shrek,me&FionaOriginally, Universal Orlando opened in 1990 by NBC Universal and the Blackstone Group, the latter sold its half in early 2011.                                                                                                        Universal Studios (Val in Jaws)The Universal Orlando Resort, commonly known as Universal Orlando, is a theme park resort in Orlando, Florida where we happened to be on the first day of August of 2013.

Fantasy mingles with reality in Orlando. Perhaps that’s why Universal Studios Florida has become a leading edge theme park and the largest working television and motion picture studio outside of Hollywood. Here guests step beyond the screen into the world of television and film to literally experience the movies.

Utilizing technological developments, Universal focuses on the most heart-pounding moments of the big screen to give its audience the greatest thrill. The JAWS attraction certainly provides such excitement. Even me, I could not restrain myself and put my head into the jaws. Look at my picture to the right.

Surrounded by 30-foot walls of flames visitors experience excitement and fear as explosions reverberate in all directions. The art of surprise keeps guests on their toes as they repeatedly come face to face with the glistening jaws of the great white.

Universal redefined the meaning of colossal, spectacular, thrilling and unforgettable, translating it into real life experience. Wandering through the back lots, visitors may get lost in a New England village or Gramercy Park. Another turn of the corner and we are in the Garden of Allah or Angor Wat. Or in Antique Museum or at Graveyard Cafe.

The realism of the surroundings intensifies as we narrowly escape a Kongfrontation on the streets of New York, or survive Earthquake, The Big One at the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

Dynamic Nights Stuntacular involves the audience in an eplosive watery clash between good and evil. This nightly choreographed production, orchestrated with state of the art synchronized audio and lighting systems, left us breathless. The action culminates nightly with an inferno jump and other death defying stunts.

To keep myself balanced I met friendly with Shrek (Picture to the left) and watched this movie “Shrek” but also with surprises when the chair under you started shaking, moving to the right and to the left and many other unexpected effects. Quite an adventure, believe me!

Walking around the grounds of Universal Studios it seemed to me that I am somewhere between the Earth and Heaven, I do not know even how it is better to describe that impression of mine : on the one hand, it is fascinating and very much attractive, on the other hand, sometimes it is scary. So well, as in the real life.

At least, I understood why creative people like film makers, artists and film directors are called at times “kids” because they play their games all their lives.

Here fantasy mingles with reality, in fact.

Watch our photo show :”Universal Studios, Orlando, August 2013″

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