First of all, we were given by “Сarnival” providers the brochures “Fun Ashore (Your Guide to Shore Excursions)”, where they introduced the schedules, themes and Maia's Museum(entrance Ticket)prices per person. In Cozumel with one short day here’s what we can’t miss: 57 excursions with prices less or more than 100 dollars per person.

That means: if we, four, go on one or two of them, we need to prepare close to 1000 dollars. Having considered all proposals of the Carnival excursions guide, we decided to go on our own. On the Cozumel shore we found the local tourist excursion bureau and hired a taxi driver by name Luis through Specialty Cars Rental, for the whole day for the price of 240 dollars. That was reasonable.


Cozumel Island played an important role in the ancient Mayan world, both as a trade stop and as a religious pilgrimage destination for the worship of Ixchel, the goddess of the moon, childbirth, fertility, medicine and weaving. Separate Legends about Ixchel read at my blog in the division “Workshop”.

We arrived at the near-by archaeological site of San Gervasio, the island’s largest and best preserved Mayan ruins.

The area is surrounded by native trees and plants and offers a real sense of ancient Mayan world. In fact, it was surprising how people had survived in the middle of the jungle and were able to build such an impressive building with the paved roads, temples, houses for the ruling class, viaducts. The y adapted to astronomy and had a calendar that was extremely accurate because of a knowledge of astronomy they applied to.

They had Pantheons of Gods and Goddesses which they were worshiped with sacrifices.

The myth of the end of the World in January 2012 which never happened also was born here. That myth was widely circulated in the media, TV, newspapers, books which brought lots of visitors to this place.

Nowadays the Mayan ruins are being preserved by the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico. On the entrance tickets it is written:

“Cultural heritage belongs to all of us. Its care and respect is our responsibility. Enjoy your visit and keep the ticket as a souvenir or destroy it. Thank you.” We did not destroy them, but instead, keeping them as souvenirs and showing them here.

We thanked all guides who helped us to follow the directions on the site, enjoying beautiful weather, vegetation and smells of all the disappeared civilization.

Coming to senses of the present day, we hurried to Lois and asked him to drive us along the scenic Cozumel’s eastern shore and immersed in the waters of the Playan beach where Caribbean waters waters sparkle with blue-green colors.

We swam, relaxed, drank Margarita’s and picked up huge sea shells to bring them home.

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