Josef HujsaJanko Holly, who is from Canada, used to read the book “Levarky” every night while at his security job. On page 284 there is a fascinationg photo of Josef Hujsa, 103 y.o., accompanied by his granddaughter Gabriel Hujsa & JankoMarishka, standing in front of Male Levare Church, dressed in the old peasant kozukh.

For the third time visiting Janko’s native land (which was the best according to his own words), we met with Gabriel Hujsa, who was related to that remarkable old man on the photo.

What was typical in those two men, besides their common heritage?

“Gabriel,” asked Janko,” who was Josef Hujsa to you?”

“Oh, I don’t really know this man. My father knew him definitely.” answered Gabriel.

Gabriel’s daughter Jana Holla joined in. “I know who was in the book. It was my great grandfather.”

Gabriel walked us to his old house and showed the family pictures and many memorabilia. Himself, demonstrating his own uniform, he recollected the old time and his fellow musicians from the military band of 36 people, of whom alive became three. And he was the youngest of the three.

They performed in Slovakia and abroad military marches, classical music, country style and folklore. Look at the pictures of happy faces.

Two brothers-two JansOn Friday, 29-th of August, 2014 it was celebrated the 70-th Anniversary of Slovak uprising against Nazis in Byanska Bystritsa.

We brought the Georgian ribbons with us and gave as gifts to Gabriel and his friends from the orchestra. “Long live the Slovak-Russian friendship for ever!”, we said all together embracing each other.Gabriel's Uniform

Then Gabriel, a real gentleman, showed us to his back yard where as it was before, the water pump stood in the center, outdoor poop-house and a few pear trees and grapes.

He helped us with the fruits graciously. I will never forget the taste of them: ripened under the generous Slovakian sun and filled in moisture, they were delicious, indeed.

We returned to his daughter’s place where we stayed for a week and ate a wonderful carp dinner in honor of Jana’s husband, Jan who had the 70th Anniversary Birthday party.

Happy Anniversaries, dear Jan and dear warriors of 1944 Byanska Bystritsa uprising!

Such a brave tempo in all of you! Hold on to this way, and be always cheerful and happy!

Listen to: “Slovak Folklore Music & Dancing in Bratislava”

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